Parker D Grade 12 Bore

Parker D grade #2 frame 12 ga. 30” mod x full, extractor double triggers, Titanic Barrels. S/N 143646 Gun has had the receiver, forend latch and tip, trigger guard, triggers polished bright while the interior of the frame and back of forend iron show original case color. The engraving is still strong and hasn’t been polished away, screw heads are not pristine.  Stock has been shortened to 13 ½” lop with 1 ½” D.A.C and 2 3/6” D.A.H. The skeleton butt plate was refit the wood was refinished and the checkering was recut and all look very good.  The barrels show light scratching above the for end almost like rub marks, I believe they were re blued with some light surface rust having been on the top rib about 5” back from muzzle.  The Parker name and serial number are done in gold.  Bores are bright and barrels ring true, the lock up is tight even with the forend off, the lever is right of center.

parkerdh148 001 parkerdh148 002 parkerdh148 003 parkerdh148 004 parkerdh148 005 parkerdh148 006 parkerdh148 007 parkerdh148 008 parkerdh148 009 parkerdh148 010