S. Lucchini Side Lock unfired with original box

S. Lucchini Armitalia Best quality sidelock ejector, unfired in original box.. 12 bore 2 ¾” chambers 28” Full x Mod barrels with solid rib, Single trigger. Flawless exhibition grade walnut with straight grip with checkered butt stock 32 LPI. 100% Blue 100% coin finish. No nicks dings or wear gives every indication of being new and unfired. Game bird engraved by master engraver Claudio Cremini. Stunning is an understatement. The engraving alone would be close to the asking price of this gorgeous piece of unmakers’ art. 14 ¾” LOP 1 ½” DAC and 2 1/8” DAH. Weight is 7lbs 1 ounce

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