Firearms Appraisal Services

Firearms appraisals can be required for several different reasons including:

  • Determining insurance value/requirements
  • Value for an estate settlement
  • Asset value for financial reasons
  • Fair market retail value for a private sale or transfer
  • Expected auction hammer price
  • Wholesale value for liquidation
  • Tax deductible gift value (donations)
  • Historical value or importance
  • Current retail value to satisfy curiosity

We can provide appraisal services to meet all of the above conditions.

firearms appraisal serviceSimple “what’s it worth?” price range appraisals can frequently be done over the phone at no charge, these are the least accurate but give a general idea of an items potential value.

More detailed appraisals generally require an inspection(s). The level of detail and accuracy of the appraisal desired, as well as the condition of the item, will dictate the level of inspection and research required or recommended. In a few cases outside services of noted experts or factory research letters may be required or recommended to verify and substantiate a particular item’s originality and subsequent value.

What principally dictates the value of particular item is comprised of its:

  • Condition
  • Originality
  • Collectibility
  • Current market trends

If it is deemed to be of any historical value, the provenance of that history:

  • Geographic location and history
  • Time of the year for certain weapons

Two seemingly identical guns may produce values that are vastly different.
As an example: A Winchester 1940s vintage Model 12 shotgun that is brand-new in the box may produce a retail value of $ 2,000, while a 1940s Model 12 shotgun refinished to near-new condition in a reproduction box and with an added recoil pad may only generate a retail value of $ 500.

At first glance, the guns and accessories appear identical yet when examined closely the value of the second was reduced by 75%.

If you are interested in having an item or items appraised please feel free to contact us.