Sell Us Your Firearms

We offer both outright purchase or consignment arrangements.

When you decide to sell a gun or guns, we are cash buyers. If you are selling a single piece or a large collection we would like to talk to you.

When we purchase outright, we will value your item(s) and make you a fair offer. We will travel to you if desired, and payments are generally made in cash unless other arrangements are requested.

If you choose to consign your item(s) we will value your item, advise you of current market trends and conditions are proposed a suggested retail asking price. In most all instances, we will take custody of the item(s), market the item(s), interact with the purchaser, collect and process payment, legally ship the item, and then distribute the funds to you.

In most instances, we work on a commission of gross sales price plus related expense basis.

If you have or are contemplating a sale, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.